Business Energy Consumers Required

This year we won't be spending money on data, (which incidentally it seemed every Tom, Dick & Gary wanted to sell to me during 2016) to enable us to bombard overly badgered business consumers with spam ready emails. "the annoy 10,000 folk, and get 1 converted lead method".

Nor will we be parting with money to deploy a middle eastern call centre, or similar, to do the very same by telephone on our behalf. "the annoy just about everyone, even if they are legit and don't pretend to be a supplier calling for an updated meter reading, or similar, method".

Likewise, after 12 years, nor are we wanting to pay anyone else a wage to join as a salesperson, or other, to set about cold calling. "good old 1 in 20 rule for success".

Pay-per-click, SEO campaigns e.t.c again cost money, which would in effect come from our customers pockets.

So, in line with what we set out to achieve many years ago, and with the very essence of what truly sets Business Energy Direct aside from it's competitors, our clients will continue to benefit from the 'actual' best possible prices at any given time.

During 2016 we sadly lost a client. A sizeable client that catered for roughly 10% of workload. A portfolio loss which was no fault of our own, more a case of the decision maker having a vested interest in a competitor brokerage.

As a result we now have a vacancy to fill this gap, and have no desire to take on further clients, as we are fully aware of our capabilities to deliver what is required to offer the best service in this market.

We require this year : -

* 2 large accounts. Example above 3,000,000kWh annual consumption

* 5 medium accounts. Between 600,000kWh to 3,000,000kWh per annum

* 8 small accounts. Between 1kWh to 600,000kWh

Accounts measured in kWh refer to gas and electricity.

Business Energy Direct are also specialised in telecoms and broadband. And as from April this year we will be managing commercial water costs in England & Wales, as we have done very successfully in Scotland already for several years for our Scottish customer base.

We would also consider our excellent long standing working relationship with companies within our sector to be the best in the industry. These sectors include, and are not limited by : -

* Hospitality based procurement. Food, drink, catering equipment, cleaning, office supplies, other.

* Business finance

* Merchant services

* Metering, new connections, planning, design & infrastructure from scratch. Dealing with all parties, and all aspects

Hopefully this announcement will be received in the light that it is meant, and by the correct audience of consumers that require the best possible service (and costs associated with) that this industry can offer, long term.

Many thanks,


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